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Online Ordering + Custom App: Android / iPhone / iPad
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Setup Fee: Depends on selected options
Custom Design
(colors match your website)
Multiple Locations
Unlimited Products
BULK Product Editing
PUSH Promotions
GEO Fence Promotions
Order Notification (Ticket, Alerts** & Email)
Cloud Receipt Printer** (add. fee)
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Online Ordering + Brand Basket App ONLY
$199/ month*
Stock Design
1 Location
25 Products
Single Product Editing
1 PUSH Promotion
GEO Fence Promotion
Order Notification (Ticket, Alerts** & Email)
Cloud Receipt Printer** (add. fee)
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$169/ month*
$350 Setup Fee
Stock Design
1 Location
50 Products
Single Product Editing
1 PUSH Promotion
GEO Fence Promotion
Order Notification (Ticket, Text** & Email)
Cloud Receipt Printer** (add. fee)

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$1150 Setup
Premium Template
250+ Products
*Enterprise clients may benefit from
Service Level Agreements and dedicated
resources fit to your individual needs.

NOTE: Merchant bank account is required.

* The price does not include fee for setup & design

** Additional fee for setup, design or installation maybe required
*** Clients may setup additional items using the shop manager.

Fair & Transparent Pricing

We want you to know where your money goes, so you can effectively compare the quality & fairness of our service. There should be no question whether it is a cost effective solution for your business.

Fee’s & Monthly Charges


  • One-time setup fee: goes toward the man-power, man-hours and resources involved in getting your app & ordering system up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Monthly recurring payment: provides your app & ordering system with the hosting space, memory, maintenance, updates and support it takes to keep it running smoothly, so you don’t miss a order. These payments are reviewed every year and my changed based on industry rates, vendor / resource costs and other influences. This is done in for sustainability of our service and in order to stay competitive. We will notify you in advance of changes, usually by email, giving you ample opportunity to decided whether you would like to continue with our service.
  • Other possible fees: These are fees that may be charged by other service providers or vendors.

      1) Merchant bank account fees

      2) Payment Gateway Fees

————- Mobile App Costs Comparison ————-

We keep our ordering system & mobile app at low affordable price points, so that small, local businesses can leverage the tools utilized by the “big stores” to engaged customers and grow business. The cost of a fully custom app and online ordering system, exclusively for your business far surpasses our price… with less support, less features and more headache.

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a custom app without an online ordering system (eCommerce)

All plans include:

  • Sales Reports
  • Delivery / Pick-Up Options
  • Stock Management

  • Unlimited Coupons
  • Loyalty / Rewards Programs
  • Customer Product Ratings & Reviews

  • Social Network / Multimedia Integration
  • Maintenance / Updates / Data Backups
  • Technical Support for your system & customers (Trouble Ticket)

Upcoming Features:

  • Knowledge Base Videos
  • Custom Reports & Insights

  • Brand Basket Market
  • Multiple Vendors / Locations


Future Features:

  • Text Message Order Updates
  • Advanced Email Receipts
  • Brand Basket Market
  • Promotion Packages



Web & Mobile Ordering for Restaurants, Food Trucks, Retail


Online Ordering System for Restaurants, Food Trucks, Retail & more.

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