Key Online Food Ordering Features

Almost two-thirds of purchases are now made online.



Convenient food ordering from several platforms

Order directly from your website, our Brand Basket App or your own branded mobile app we can create for you.

Available App platforms: platforms-apple-android-html5-facebookMobile website for other platforms (e.g. Windows & Blackberry)



Print Orders

Cloud Ticket Printer accurately tracks orders

Every order your customer places prints out within seconds at your establishment. Our Cloud Ticket Printer has a small footprint that allows you to place it in high visibility areas, so no need to constantly check your email, phone or tablet for orders. So that you never miss an order, our email backup keeps a copy of every order.



Detailed Reports & Insights

mobile app analytics

See what customers love or dislike.

View & analyze your order frequency, ticket sizes and peak order times. Use our repposts to see your best selling items and to measure popularity and success of promotions.



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