Most effective way to increase SEO rank for CBD eCommerce sites

The terms “CBD Oil” & “CBD Tincture” are considered short-tail (ST) keyphrases, which are extremely general and highly competitive. With on-site SEO, focus on long-tail (LT) keyphrases, which are more specific and targets those customers most likely to purchase.  
For example, the long-tail keyphrase “thc free cbd oil” is still a very competitive space, but brings more targeted traffic to your CBD ecommerce site currently than general terms.

You can see some results of those efforts below. 

SEO for CBD: In the last 30 days 

Searches containing “thc free cbd oil” have landed this CBD eCommerce site an average 6th position on the front page of Google, with 2 user searches.

SO, the most effective way to increase SEO rank for CBD eCommerce site, is a strategic plan built around increasing rank for those terms and your company brand awareness. 

A strategic plan would include a push to increase 

  • backlinks
  • blog posts and guest blog posts
  • social media posts & mentions
  • paid ad placements (podcasts, syndication, etc).

The least that can be done :

  • More blog post / social media post, focused on the desired terms.
  • Track, analyze and optimize those posts to drive conversions.

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