You are currently viewing Space Jam 2 domain, Epic Fail or Massive Marketing Opportunity with Creative Internet Trolls

Space Jam 2 domain, Epic Fail or Massive Marketing Opportunity with Creative Internet Trolls

There are many checklist items that need to be completed when marketing a movie. With the Space Jam 2 featuring Lebron James, it’s a complex process with lots of important things to do or delegate. What could be considered one of the most important things is buying the Space Jam 2 domain for the new film.

In the case of Space Jam 2, Warner Bros. forgot to register the domain, and a couple of creative trolls jumped on the opportunity and bought domain name.

Taking the most advantage possible of the mistake, Hunter Fine and Peter Marquis created a berry based jam (jam you put on toast) company called, Space Jam, which you can find here. On the website they sale one product only, their Space Jam “Recipe 2”.

They also provide another option if you’re not a jam lover, you can buy the Space Jam website, domain name included, for a sweet $1,000,000 (or your best offer).

Space Jam 2 domain leads to these two products

To further entice you to buy their website, they’ve created a commercial to give you more information on the deal.

Space Jam 2 domain marketing video

While it may seem like a desperate attempt to secure a very big bag (of cash), the trolls of are offering proceeds from the sale to a yet to be name charity.

It seems that the hope is that Warner Bros. sees the fun in this and makes a decent offer for the URL. While WB strategy team is deciding what their next move is, hopefully they won’t miss out on what could be an opportunity for a creative social campaign, asking for advice from possibly the largest audience of Space Jam fans… the kiddos!

Imagine kids submitting videos giving the “strategists” advice on their next move. I’m not a marketing guru, nor have I fleshed out this idea in total, but I do believe something super fun and very endearing could be the result.

Need some help working out this idea Warner Brothers? Hit us up, we’ve already got the website designed. Let’s Go!