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Key Online Store Selling Features

Sell your products and services online, get paid & deliver with ease.

Inventory Management

Your inventory is auto-updated when a customer purchases or cancels an order.

Accept Credit Cards

Customers can pay with all major credit cards, Paypal, ACH bank transfers & more.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Automatically calculate shipping cost & streamline fulfillment process.

eCommerce Growth-Driven

How We Get It Done

Proper planning prevents poor performance

An eCommerce website¬†design can quickly become a huge success ‚Äď or it could fail miserably from the start.

The best way to ensure success of your online store is to¬†plan your exact route to success.¬†If you haven’t thought about your goals, defined the desired results, or even considered why you’re creating an eCommerce website, you could find yourself in a tussle.

We Gotcha Covered!

Our process is simple, fast and proven to add value & ROI for our clients.  5 Simple Steps:

  • Gather Info & Plan
  • Design or Re-design
  • Build, Optimize & Test
  • Launch & Promote
  • Analyze, Manage & Maintain

Product population, Options & Integrations…Oh My!

Sounds scary, huh?¬† Well, it can be at times.¬† When your online store’s capabilities don’t align with your goals, or your imagery is not representative of your brand… it can literally get ugly and scary!¬† Now imagine adding those tragedies along with¬† website misconfigurations and inconsistent maintenance & poor product management, and you can, and will, say goodbye to all you have invested.

The Keys to Creating a smooth running eCommerce System:

  • Gather Information (Keys):¬†Goals, KPI’s, Defining Desired Results.
  • Proper Tools (Smooth Running):¬†Selecting proven designs to facilitate customer purchase flow and add-ons & tools to assist them without interruption = Smooth Running.
  • Put it All Together (eCommerce System):¬†Gather a team with the knowledge and experience to design for display on multiple devices and integrate with 3rd party channels that manage everything from customer engagement to payments, and you’ll be on the path to your success.

Production, Logistics, Data Analysis… is that apart of eCommerce website design?

Traditionally…no. But we want to do more than provide you great online store and selling tools, we want to help you use them. ¬†Operating a stable and productive eCommerce website is easier when all of your branding, production & marketing is in managed in one place.

With Brand Basket’s management plan & Add-Ons We Help With:

  • Driving Traffic to Your Website:¬†Use our marketing & advertising add-ons to grow your reach through email, paid ads and search engine optimization tools.
  • Converting Leads and Customers:¬†Use our customer retention add-ons to email marketing campaigns, post purchase follow-up emails, and abandoned cart emails .
  • Suggestions & Best Practices:¬†Execute all tactics in one place, track and analyze visits, leads and customers, so that we can provide recognize trends in data and suggest changes to improve production.
  • Customer Service:¬†We assist your customers with account support questions or problems, within 12 hours via email.
  • Help with sourcing, fulfillment and MORE!

eCommerce Add-On Services

Business essentials & enhancements

eCommerce Management

ECommerce Design + Branding‚Äč

eCommerce Marketing

Our¬†ecommerce services¬†provide key “Professional Features” that eCommerce stores use to compete in their market space.¬†
These Pro features are designed to enhance performance of your store & boost its production and payout in its industry.

eCommerce Growth-Driven Design

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