With any of our packages that include iPhone apps, we want to make you fully aware of what to expect during the design, development & publishing phases.  These guidelines are the same for our design services clients and do-it-yourself designers. Here are some guidelines which we follow when creating/submitting your apps.

Design Services Clients

  1. We will only create/submit apps that will pass the¬†Apple approval guidelines. Thus, to do so, we require your business’s website or ample content and any high quality images that you want to use, and we’ll handle the rest.
  2. We will not create/submit an app for a No-Go Industry
  3. We will only input a limited amount of items within a mobile food ordering, shopping cart, and/or points of interest tab(s).
  4. All apps will be created using our premium designs ONLY.
  5. We will give you 2 opportunities to review your app before publishing.
    • 1 review upon completion to make changes
    • 1 review after changes are made to correct any errors only (i.e. mispellings, not working links…etc) – No changes.
  6. Applications are initially created for iPhone.  We have several different add-on options available:
    • $50 per add-on (i.e. – iPad)
    • $100 Expedited design service¬†(2-3 business days).
  7. We will not begin work on your project until all requested content (i.e. images, menus) and information has been received.

Do-It-Yourself Designers

App creation/submission requests we will not approve:

  1. Websites that lack high quality images and dynamic content.
  2. E-commerce websites that require full content population
  3. Apps in a language other than English
  4. Any app creation/submission request that falls under the No-Go” industries.


After your design is complete, we’ll email you the information so you can preview the app. App creation turnaround time is anywhere from 7-15 business days unless expedited service is requested ($100 ad-on).
PLEASE NOTE: ¬†Our apps are built and ready with splash page, home tab, ¬†and other required tabs for Apple approval. ¬†If you make drastic changes to your application inside your app manager which fall outside Apple’s strict approval standards, your app will be sent for review.¬†¬†Therefore, our app development team will no longer be responsible for making changes to your app in order to gain Apple approval. ¬†There will be a $50 fee to have our team edit your app to regain approval.
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